Shopping trends: Animal faces

products_animal faces

1. “Watch your back” oversized high/low knit top, Minkpink || Camiseta mullet larga em tricô “Watch your back”, Minkpink

2. Top, H&M || Camiseta, H&M

3. Tiger t-shirt, Zara || Camiseta de tigre, Zara

4. Strass tiger print sweater , Blanco || Suéter de tiger com strass, Blanco

5. Cute cat tee, Topshop || Camiseta de gate, Topshop

6. Stud panther denim shorts, Topshop MOTO || Short jeans de pantera com tachas, Topshop MOTO

7. Mouse face white midriff t-shirt, Romwe || Camiseta branca curta com rosto de rato, Romwe

8. Zebra printed clutch, Bershka || Bolsa com desenho de zebra, Bershka


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