Growing up, I never cooked. I was always surrounded by people who loved me and did it for me. But then things changed and I had to act like an adult and start cooking. And I actually enjoyed it.

During this process, I was trying to lose weight and I realized two things. First, that the food industry will change way more than necessary for anything that allegedly is healthy or intended to help with weight loss. Second, after I started to read and learn about nutrition, I found out that while many of these products were low in calories, they had so many chemicals that in the end were counterproductive to my weight loss process.

And that was when I decided to start to make all my food from scratch. That way I would know exactly what was in there and I could add or remove whatever I wanted to make it healthier. I started experimenting with different flours, sugars, grains, beans, fruit, vegetables, nuts… I just let my imagination go. I started by changing ingredients to make recipes healthier, but now I way past that.

After enrolling culinary school, I was able to learn about flavours, techniques and now I use all this to my advantage to create food that is delicious, satisfying and nutritious. I don’t count calories, I don’t control my portions, I don’t know the exact nutrition facts of everything I make, but I do know which ingredients to combine to get the necessary amount of protein, what my body responds well to, and that cooking makes me happy.

I love to experiment with new ingredients, try new fruits and vegetables, and most of all, create simple recipes that are healthy. I’m not a fan of labels, and while a lot of my food is vegan or vegetarian, I only have one goal when I’m in the kitchen: Make delicious food!

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