Lemon Bars | Barrinhas de Limão Siciliano

I am a dessert person. When I saw this recipe on The Rawtarian’s site, I knew I had to do it. This simple but delicious recipe is amazing! It’s sweet and chewy, and the best – no sugar, flour, or dairy. I edited the original recipe a little (of course I did), but the result was still amazing. This is not the most nutritious recipe … Continue reading Lemon Bars | Barrinhas de Limão Siciliano

Pickled grapes

Pickles can be fermented – when the natural microbes present in the fruits, vegetables or plants grown under certain conditions, thus preventing the growth of harmful microbes that can cause disease or the food to spoil, or unfermented – when the protection from microbes comes from the addition of an acid. Since fermented pickles can take a few months to be ready to be consumed, … Continue reading Pickled grapes