Pickled grapes

Pickles can be fermented – when the natural microbes present in the fruits, vegetables or plants grown under certain conditions, thus preventing the growth of harmful microbes that can cause disease or the food to spoil, or unfermented – when the protection from microbes comes from the addition of an acid. Since fermented pickles can take a few months to be ready to be consumed, … Continue reading Pickled grapes

10 Style Icons || 10 Ícones de Estilo

In my opinion, a style icon is not defined only by the looks. It is more about attitude and personality. Beautiful, stylish, confident and powerful, each one of these women has a very distinctive sense of style. These 10 women not only inspired me but taught one valuable lesson: true style is timeless. — Em minha opinião, um ícone de estilo não é definido apenas … Continue reading 10 Style Icons || 10 Ícones de Estilo

10 Iconic Handbags || 10 Bolsas Icônicas

The Birkin was created for Jane Birkin, who used to travel by plane with a basket carrying her reading materials. It was a immediate success because of Jane Birkin and today is one of the most iconic handbags, specially for its exclusivity. Until this day it is produced in a very artisanal process and the waiting list for it is of about 6 years. — … Continue reading 10 Iconic Handbags || 10 Bolsas Icônicas

Organizing accessories || Organizando acessórios

Since I moved back home after eight years, I have every piece of accessory I own together in the same room, which is a big deal for me. But at the same time it can become a problem, mostly because my memory is poor, therefore, I won’t remember I own the things I cannot see. So, I decided to make a few projects that helped … Continue reading Organizing accessories || Organizando acessórios

Wearing sweatpants || Usando moletom

Se tem uma coisa que todos podem concordar, é que calça de moletom é super confortável. E com a tendência esportiva cada vez mais forte, ela torna-se uma peça-chave que não pode faltar. Semana passada eu ganhei uma calça linda da minha amiga Naly da CycleLand. Tudo ótimo, mas pode ser difícil de criar um look mais elegante com ela e se distanciar da aparência … Continue reading Wearing sweatpants || Usando moletom

Carrie Bradshaw’s Shoes || Os sapatos de Carrie Bradshaw

Everyone knows I have a thing for shoes (despite the fact that I haven’t purchased a single pair in almost one year) and that I love Carrie Bradshaw. And her shoes, obviously. So, yesterday I came across a poster with the best of her shoes! It is just amazing! I can’t wait to get one! A couple months ago I thought about making a illustrated … Continue reading Carrie Bradshaw’s Shoes || Os sapatos de Carrie Bradshaw