Lentil Fritters | Bolinhos de Lentilha

The one thing I learned in culinary school about vegan food, other than a not so great vegan aioli, was this lentil fritters recipe. As with everything, I changed a bit the recipe (the original fritter were deep fried, which is a big no-no for me), but they still taste great and this version is much healthier. It’s a fairly simple recipe, but it needs a … Continue reading Lentil Fritters | Bolinhos de Lentilha


There are some recipes that are so incredibly simple to make, yet it takes us forever to actually make it. That’s the case of tahini. I needed it to use in another recipe, and I had a lot of sesame seeds, so I decided to make it. Two ingredients, a food processor, and you’re done! Simple, healthy, and delicious! I got the original recipe here, and … Continue reading Tahini

Berry Jam

In the search for a healthier lifestyle, I was able to replace many ingredients such as flour, milk, and butter successfully. But sugar is at another level. Artificial sweeteners are even worse for our health and their taste is poor. Honey is good, but because of it’s texture and flavor it only works on specific recipes. The same goes for molasses and dry fruit. All … Continue reading Berry Jam

Pickled grapes

Pickles can be fermented – when the natural microbes present in the fruits, vegetables or plants grown under certain conditions, thus preventing the growth of harmful microbes that can cause disease or the food to spoil, or unfermented – when the protection from microbes comes from the addition of an acid. Since fermented pickles can take a few months to be ready to be consumed, … Continue reading Pickled grapes

10 Style Icons || 10 Ícones de Estilo

In my opinion, a style icon is not defined only by the looks. It is more about attitude and personality. Beautiful, stylish, confident and powerful, each one of these women has a very distinctive sense of style. These 10 women not only inspired me but taught one valuable lesson: true style is timeless. — Em minha opinião, um ícone de estilo não é definido apenas … Continue reading 10 Style Icons || 10 Ícones de Estilo