Raw Brownies

The first time I made and ate raw brownies I was in awe. I couldn't believe I had lived for so long without knowing about this. The recipe takes less than 5 minutes to make, has 4 ingredients and it's delicious. Could this be any better? Yes! It's sugar-free, gluten-free, and dairy free. That means … Continue reading Raw Brownies


The cheap way to weight loss

A lot of people believe that weight loss is an expensive process that requires a lot of money and special products and services. While some require medical support, most people are healthy and can solve all their weight issues with a balanced diet and exercise. I am usually very skeptical and I don't like to … Continue reading The cheap way to weight loss

Chocolate dates mousse

Chocolate mousse

One of the hardest things about having good eating habits is that sugar is almost impossible to replace. I believe most sweeteners are as hazardous to the body as sugar, so I just keep away from them. Looking in retrospect, I can see clearly that I was a sugar addict. I was an emotional eater … Continue reading Chocolate mousse

My top 5 go-to foods

Consistency is the key to weight loss and maintenance. Trust me, I learned this the hard way. Time and time again I lost weight, and once I was satisfied with the results, I would slip back into old habits and gain it all back. It wasn't until I drastically changed the way I ate, that … Continue reading My top 5 go-to foods

Pickled grapes

Pickles can be fermented - when the natural microbes present in the fruits, vegetables or plants grown under certain conditions, thus preventing the growth of harmful microbes that can cause disease or the food to spoil, or unfermented - when the protection from microbes comes from the addition of an acid. Since fermented pickles can … Continue reading Pickled grapes

Berry Jam

In the search for a healthier lifestyle, I was able to replace many ingredients such as flour, milk, and butter successfully. But sugar is at another level. Artificial sweeteners are even worse for our health and their taste is poor. Honey is good, but because of it's texture and flavor it only works on specific … Continue reading Berry Jam

Raspberry Soup

Soups have never been a significant part of my life. I can remember my mother and my grandmother having soup, but it just never was something I actually liked. Since last week was all about soups, I decided to do a soup that had something I love: Fruit. This recipe doesn't have any special story. … Continue reading Raspberry Soup

Shampoo or no shampoo?

Over the last few years I heard many people say that shampoo isn't good for your hair and many just quit using it. With that, and to reduce the washing time, I decided to quit shampooing for a while to see what would happen. (I did not quit it entirely: I wash my hair five … Continue reading Shampoo or no shampoo?

10 Style Icons || 10 Ícones de Estilo

In my opinion, a style icon is not defined only by the looks. It is more about attitude and personality. Beautiful, stylish, confident and powerful, each one of these women has a very distinctive sense of style. These 10 women not only inspired me but taught one valuable lesson: true style is timeless. -- Em … Continue reading 10 Style Icons || 10 Ícones de Estilo

Things I learned about natural hair (the hard way)

I will never say this enough. Having natural hair is not easy. BUT, never in my life I was happier with my hair than I am today. So I decided to share a little of what I learned about my beloved hair by getting it wrong so many times. Combing the hair is a big … Continue reading Things I learned about natural hair (the hard way)

10 Iconic Handbags || 10 Bolsas Icônicas

The Birkin was created for Jane Birkin, who used to travel by plane with a basket carrying her reading materials. It was a immediate success because of Jane Birkin and today is one of the most iconic handbags, specially for its exclusivity. Until this day it is produced in a very artisanal process and the … Continue reading 10 Iconic Handbags || 10 Bolsas Icônicas

My favorite products for natural hair

Anyone who has natural black hair knows it is not easy to take care of it. I have had natural for almost 8 years, but only recently I found products that are affordable, easy to use and makes my hair look just the way I want. It may look like a lot of product, or … Continue reading My favorite products for natural hair

10 combinations that always work || 10 combinações que sempre funcionam

Organizing accessories || Organizando acessórios

Since I moved back home after eight years, I have every piece of accessory I own together in the same room, which is a big deal for me. But at the same time it can become a problem, mostly because my memory is poor, therefore, I won't remember I own the things I cannot see. … Continue reading Organizing accessories || Organizando acessórios